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  • We have a good thing going at Ipswich

    We have a good thing going at Ipswich

    Friday 1st December 2017

    We are really happy with the 2018 team. We had a list of riders we wanted to use and the six that finished with us at the end of last season and we would have liked to have kept them all. We put together lots of different teams and this one jumped out as the best one and we have...

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  • A team the town is proud of

    A team the town is proud of

    Thursday 2nd November 2017

    I think it was massively disappointing for everyone that we did not get the two trophies we were competing for this season. On reflection, we gave the fans a team to be proud of and I can’t give anything but credit to the boys. It was an unlucky situation that cost us the Knockout Cup trophy and I don’t think...

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  • Early cut-off date does not work

    Early cut-off date does not work

    Thursday 31st August 2017

    It has been a positive month results wise but the injuries we have ended the month with are a bit of a downer really. Cam (Heeps) has been so great for us this season and we are going to miss him and it is a real disappointment to end a good month. The defeat to Edinburgh and the events following...

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  • It has been a very positive month

    It's been a very positive month

    Tuesday 25th July 2017

    It has been a very positive month and we are ending it in a stronger position than when we started. It has been a strong month, we have been solid at home and have picked up quite a few points on the road. The Edinburgh result was a massive disappointment but we picked ourselves up well. There were really good...

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  • There is a lot more to come

    There is a lot more to come

    Tuesday 6th June 2017

    It has been a really pleasing month or so overall and it was a shame we missed a couple of meetings due to the weather so that we couldn’t push on that bit more. We had two important away wins and we have ended the month of May in a strong position in the league. There is a lot more...

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  • Great signs of potential

    Great signs of potential

    Wednesday 26th April 2017

    It’s been disappointing not to have seen the 1-7 that we signed and it has been a tough start to the season. There have been great signs of a lot of potential and the home form has been brilliant but obviously, it has been disappointing away from home so far. Injuries happen in the sport and it is part of the...

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  • 'We're looking for winners'

    We are looking for winners

    Tuesday 14th March 2017

    I'm really looking forward to the season now. Obviously we got the team building done pretty early, so over the winter I've spent a lot of time with the little baby but I'm looking forward to getting going again. Last year I didn't have anything to do with the team building so to have a big influence on that this...

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  • Our goal is promotion

    Our goal is promotion

    Tuesday 20th December 2016

    As we all know track work is happening at Foxhall this winter and if you can make any track wider around the corners it produces better racing. If you look at Somerset and Scunthorpe they both produce good racing. The surface has needed work doing to it but we will still like to have a grippy track as that gives...

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  • The club has made great strides forward

    The club has made great strides forward

    Monday 24th October 2016

    It wasn’t a perfect season, it was difficult in many ways but I think we made great strides forward in different areas as a team and a club this year. From such a bad start to then get a feel-good factor about the club mid-season onwards and improve the atmosphere with a lot of sponsors getting on board was great...

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  • Settled team makes a difference

    Settled team makes a difference

    Tuesday 9th August 2016

    It's nice for the first time this season to write about a positive month we've had! The manner in which we have improved with the run of home matches has been pleasing and the performances have improved every week. It's good to see everyone in form and to take that into Sheffield last week away from home was pleasing. The...

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  • The boss eyes a happy Foxhall

    The boss eyes a happy Foxhall

    Tuesday 12th July 2016

    It's time for my July column and I will start by saying nothing's changed! It's been exactly the same as every other month this season. It's been a disappointing month with some good performances and some bad ones and it's been another month of inconsistency. It's also been another sad month to see a rider leave, this time we had to...

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  • We have not performed well enough

    Sunday 5th June 2016

    It's been another disappointing month for us unfortunately. Going out of the Knockout Cup was the biggest disappointment that we've had followed closely by the second performance at Peterborough. Obviously we've seen two riders leave during the month as well and it was really hard to let Lewi (Kerr) go. It wasn't a case of Lewi 'had to go', it...

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