Lack Lustre Witches Mauled By Tigers

Mon 4th May 2015

The Ipswich 'Sackers' Witches were defeated 44-49 by the Sheffield 'Window Centre' Tigers at Foxhall on Bank Holiday Monday.

Top Witches: Nico Covatti 18 (incl. 6 point tac. ride), Danny King 9

Top Tigers: Nick Morris (G) 12+1, Ty Proctor 10

Already missing Gino Manzares (broken shoulder blade) most of the home team appeared to struggle with track conditions early on and although there were some signs of improvement as the meeting went on the visitors were consistently faster out of the gate and seemed to want the win more!

Danny King did suffer an unusual (for him) engine failuer in heat one when challenging for first place which resulted in a 5-1 to Sheffield. Then in heat two Stefan Nielsen was sent off course on the first bend getting hooked up temporarily with one of the Sheffield riders. His teammate Ritchie Hawkins slowed slowed expecting a re-run but when no red light came on the Sheffield pair had cleared off into the distance for another 5-1. Eight points down after the first two heats Ipswich did eventually pull back to within three points but only after using a tactical ride in heat 12 and then scoring a 4-2 in heat thirteen.

Unfortunately for the home fans this mini revival could not be sustained and in the very next  heat Sheffield secured the win with their fifth 5-1 of the afternoon. Ipswich scored a consolation 4-2 in heat fifteen but it didn't effect the allocation of league points...

Ipswich team manager, Phil Hilton, was hugely disappointed with the result and with several of his riders:" Where do I start. Yes we did have some misfortune in the first two heats and yes the track is often different for an afternoon meeting but our riders should still have adapted much more quickly than they did. Nico exceeded what we expected of him in his first meeting out of a reserve berth and Danny, barring an engine failure in heat one was also riding as expected. However I think that several of the others need to sort out quickly why they are underperforming as we cannot carry on like this. We are already weakened by not having Gino and need everyone to be up to speed and able to cover for him. I want to see more determination & commitment next time out and less silly mistakes!"

Ipswich 'Sackers' Witches 44

  • Nico Covatti 18,
  • Danny King 9,
  • Cameron Heeps 5,
  • Rohan Tungate 5,
  • Stefan Nielsen 4,
  • Ritchie Hawkins 3+1

Sheffield ;Window Centre' Tigers 49

  • Nick Morris (G) 12+1,
  • Ty Proctor 10,
  • Andre Compton 9+1,
  • Josh Bates 6+2,
  • Jason Garrity 6, 
  • Ashley Birks 4+1,
  • Arthur Sissis 2+1

Foxhall Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5TL 01473 623640