Average: 5.27

Date of Birth: 19th June 1988, Coronel Pringles, Argentina


Nico’s British career began in 2012 when he joined Birmingham just days after riding in the Italian Grand Prix as a wildcard. His performances at Perry Bar impressed the management enough to have two further seasons at the club. In 2015 Chris Louis brought the Argentinean to Foxhall as a reserve which he made a mockery of in his first season putting over three points on his average. His entertaining style has made him a popular figure in Suffolk and he was with the club until 2019 before he spent a year away at Poole. Nico, who rides on an Italian licence has also scored 35 points in five meetings for Italy in the Speedway World Cup and 15 points in two Speedway of Nations meetings and has won the Italian Championship five times. Nico will double-up with Kent in the Championship in 2020.