Chris Louis

  • Pivotal meetings to our season

    Sunday 5th June 2016

    It's been a mixed to poor month in terms of results. It's been a disappointing start to the season and we've said that previously and that continued this month. I do feel our hand has been forced into making changes because we went out of both cup competitions and our league position was down at the bottom. It's not acceptable...

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  • The home form is a concern

    No more home defeats

    Thursday 5th May 2016

    Exiting the League Cup this month wasn't a surprise after losing at home to Scunthorpe, in that group we couldn't afford to lose to Scunthorpe. The rest of the League Cup, whilst obviously there was effort going in, seemed to be an exercise in getting the team together and finding consistency. As it was in the end, it came down...

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  • The attitude has been first rate

    Friday 1st April 2016

    Our first home meeting was disappointing obviously on the basis that we lost and we lost quite convincingly. It was a combination of things. Obviously we have four members of the side that have no more experience of Foxhall than the opposition at the moment. Combine that with the fact they were all nervous and I know everyone wants to...

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  • New for 2016

    Friday 11th March 2016

    As you can see we've got a new website and a lot of changes have been made over the winter. We're going to be more active than ever on social media, we've got a new club logo and badge, the race suits are unique in a sense as well. There have been a few seasons we've had a bit of...

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