Monday 17th MayKing's Lynn19:30AP1W47-433
Thursday 20th MayBelle Vue19:30HP1D45-451
Thursday 27th MaySheffield19:30HP1W51-393
Monday 31st MayWolverhampton19:30AP1L28-620
Thursday 3rd JuneKing's Lynn
Monday 7th JuneBelle Vue19:30AP1L35-550
Thursday 10th JunePeterborough19:30HP1L41-490ATPS Construction
Monday 21st JunePeterborough19:30AP1L43-471
Thursday 24th JuneSheffield19:30AP1L42-481
Monday 28th JuneWolverhampton - Eurosport19:30HP1L41-490RN Euston & The Fat Cat
Monday 5th JulyKing's Lynn - Eurosport19:30AP2W48-423
Thursday 8th JulyBelle Vue19:30HP2W48-423ATPS Construction
Monday 19th JulyWolverhampton19:30AP2L38-520
Thursday 29th JulyKing's Lynn 19:30HP2RN Euston & Doug Wade Insurance
Monday 2nd AugustBelle Vue19:30AP2
Thursday 5th AugustSheffield & RN Euston
Monday 16th AugustBritish Final19:30NIND
Thursday 19th AugustWolverhampton 19:30HP2Simply Climate Control & ITFC Commercial
Thursday 26th AugustSheffield19:30AP2
Thursday 2nd SeptemberPeterborough 19:30HP2Scott Properties & PGM Carpentry
Monday 6th SeptemberPeterborough19:30AP2
Monday 27th SeptemberReserved19:30POSF
Thursday 30th SeptemberReserved19:30POSF
Monday 4th OctoberReserved19:30POSF
Thursday 7th OctoberReserved19:30POSF
Monday 11th OctoberReserved19:30POF
Thursday 14th OctoberReserved19:30POF


P1/P2= Premiership fixtures

POSF= Premiership Play-Off Semi-Final

POF= Premiership Play-Off Final

IND= Individual event

‘Reserved’ dates will be used to re-arrange any rained-off fixtures

All fixtures subject to change.