2011 Results

Date Opponents P H / A Type Result Sponsor


Thursday 17th Rye House H AC 56-39
Saturday 19th Rye House A AC 41-49
Thursday 24th Berwick 1 H L 53-42
Thursday 31st Scunthorpe 1 H L 69-24 Justin Claydon 40th


Thursday 7th Somerset 1 H L 42-51 Sackers Recycling
Friday 8th Somerset 1 A L 34-59
Saturday 9th Newport 1 A L 50-42
Thursday 14th Workington 1 H L 63-27 Keith Martin Group
Thursday 21st Sheffield 1 A L 36-56
Friday 22nd Sheffield (2:30pm) 1 H L 53-38 The Gas Shop
Thursday 28th Redcar 1 H L 50-40 Collier & Catchpole
Friday 29th Redcar 1 A L 45-45


Monday 2nd Rye House, 2:15pm 1 H L 49-47 Back Straight Gang
Monday 2nd Rye House, 7:45pm 1 A L 34-45
Friday 6th Edinburgh 1 A L 40-53
Thursday 12th Scunthorpe H KOC 55-35 Hawk Express Cabs
Thursday 19th Plymouth 1 H L 59-35 Doug Wade Insurance
Friday 20th Scunthorpe A KOC Postponed British Semi Final restaging
Saturday 21st Workington 1 A L Postponed Rained off
Sunday 22nd Newcastle 1 A L Postponed Stadium availability
Thursday 26th Newport 1 H L 49-41
Thursday 2nd Star Of Anglia H IND Kozza Smith
Friday 3rd Scunthorpe A KOC 35-55
Thursday 9th Edinburgh 1 H L 51-41 Steve Smith Electrical
Thursday 16th Scunthorpe H KOC 65-25
Friday 17th Scunthorpe A KOC Postponed Rained off
Saturday 18th Berwick 1 A L 28-62
Sunday 19th Glasgow 1 A L Postponed Rained off
Thursday 23rd Newcastle 1 H L 47-44 Sackers Recycling


Friday 1st Scunthorpe A KOC 37-53 Ipswich win 102-78 on aggregate
Thursday 7th Glasgow 1 H L 42-48 Ambassador Lifts
Saturday 9th Leicester 1 A L 42-42
Thursday 14th Leicester 1 H L Postponed Rained off
Sunday 17th Workington 1 A L Postponed Rained off
Monday 18th Glasgow 1 A L 37-53
Thursday 21st Newport H KOC QF 42-48
Saturday 23rd Newport A KOC QF >32-58 Newport win 106-74 on aggregate
Thursday 28th No meeting H
Friday 29th Plymouth 1 A L 47-43


Thursday 4th Newcastle 2 H L Postponed Rained off
Friday 5th Scunthorpe 1 A L 39-53
Thursday 11th Sheffield 2 H L Postponed Rained off
Saturday 13th Berwick 2 A L 50-40
Sunday 14th Newcastle 1 A L 39-54
Thursday 18th Leicester 1 H L Postponed Rained off
Thursday 25th Rye House 2 H L 55-37 Volvo Truck and Bus Centre
Friday 26th Plymouth 2 A L Postponed Rained off


Thursday 1st Sheffield 2 A L 37-52
Saturday 3rd Workington 1 A L Postponed Rained off
Sunday 4th Newcastle 2 A L 47-46
Thursday 8th Workington 2 H L 56-37
Thursday 15th Plymouth 2 H L 58-35
Thursday 22nd Berwick 2 H L 58-36 Collier & Catchpole
Saturday 24th Workington 1 A L Postponed Rained off
Thursday 29th Newcastle 2 H L 50-43 Gemini Travel


Thursday 6th Leicester 1 H L 58-35
Friday 7th Plymouth 2 A L 42-48
Friday 14th Workington 1 A L 39-51
Sunday 16th Rye House 2 A L 50-40
Thursday 20th Sheffield 2 H L 50-40
Saturday 22nd Workington 2 A L 45-45
Thursday 27th 16 Lap Classic H IND M Korneliussen