Sports Massage Therapist

Date of birth: 5th April 1978, Ipswich, Suffolk.



Kerry is a Sports Massage Therapist and has been the Witches Team Therapist since 2015.

After training in Swedish Massage, she became fascinated with the effect of massage on the body and mind and went on to complete her Level 3 VTCT and Level 5 BTEC in Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy thereafter.

Kerry has further added Clinical Pilates and Neuro Linguistic Programming to her services.  NLP can be used in many ways including helping with goal setting, dealing with phobia’s, stress, anxiety and depression, whilst the Pilates assists with injury recovery or as a standalone fitness modality.

Kerry works with a variety of clients from those with everyday aches and pains to endurance and professional athletes.

In 2020 Kerry moved into new premises in Needham Gym on the Lion Barn Industrial Estate in Needham market and offers daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Feel free to follow her on social media or browse the website for more information.