The auction is now open for all 18 autographed race-jackets from the 2024 Attis Insurance Sports Division British Final.

Ipswich were represented by Adam Ellis and Jordan Jenkins at the National Speedway Stadium and you can now bid to own their actual race-jackets from the event – or those of any of the other competitors.

The auction opened at 8am on Thursday June 27 and will run for 10 days.

To make your bid, please visit:

The rider listing was as follows:

1 Drew Kemp

2 Robert Lambert

3 Chris Harris

4 Simon Lambert

5 Craig Cook

6 Connor Mountain

7 Adam Ellis

8 Tai Woffinden

9 Lewis Kerr

10 Steve Worrall

11 Dan Bewley

12 Anders Rowe

13 Jordan Jenkins

14 Tom Brennan

15 Charles Wright

16 Kyle Howarth

17 Freddy Hodder

18 Matt Marson