The scores

Ipswich 51: Coty Garcia 18, Cameron Heeps © 10+1, Ty Proctor (g) 8+3, Nico Covatti 7+1, Mark Riss 5+2, Drew Kemp 3+1.

Scunthorpe 38: Steve Worrall © 18, Jason Garrity 10+1, Mason Campton (g) 5+1, Gino Manzares 3, Stefan Nielsen 2, Danny Phillips 0.

Championship table

Team Meetings Points
1 Peterborough 17 38
2 Lakeside 15 32
3 Ipswich 17 30
4 Berwick 17 30
5 Edinburgh 15 28
6 Workington 13 27
7 Glasgow 15 27
8 Newcastle 15 24
9 Scunthorpe 18 21
10 Redcar 18 20
11 Sheffield 18 15

The story

The ‘Tru Plant’ Witches moved back into the top four after a 51-38 win over Scunthorpe at Foxhall on Thursday in the Championship.

It was a night of delays at the tapes were broken no less than five times and Scunthorpe’s Stefan Nielsen suffered a nasty fall and was seen to by the paramedics after heat 11. However, the Witches kept their focus and were in control throughout the meeting and never looked like losing as reserve Coty Garcia once again starred scoring a huge 18 points.

Visiting number one Worrall won heat one as the points were shared to open the meeting. The home side went ahead in heat two as Garcia won from the gate but it was youngster Drew Kemp that wowed the fans as he hunted down Gino Manzares and passed the American on the final lap to take second for a Witches 5-1. Heat three was stopped as Nico Covatti fell on the second turn having run out of room and he was excluded from the re-run. The Scorpions capitalised in the re-run as Jason Garrity and Mason Campton hit back with a maximum of their own to level the scores. Kemp touched the tapes in heat four and was replaced by Garcia for the re-run. The re-run didn’t get far either as Manzares then touched the tapes and was also excluded and replaced by reserve partner Danny Phillips. The delay for heat four went on further as the tapes then decided to malfunction at the third attempt. Finally, once the heat got underway Garcia and Ty Proctor recorded a 5-1 for the home side to put them 14-10 up.

Worrall rode smartly in heat five to hold off Covatti and win for a shared heat. It was then back to touching the tapes as Garrity was excluded for doing so in heat six and he went from 15 meters in the re-run. Garcia’s fine night continued with another win in the re-run and it looked like being a 5-1 until Cameron Heeps fell on the final bend meaning a 3-3. Garcia was back out in heat seven and won again ahead of Garrity as Proctor made his way into third on the second lap with Campton retiring with bike problems. Heeps won heat eight with Kemp third as Nielsen split the home pair meaning a 4-2 to the hosts that gave them a 28-20 lead.

Worrall came in as a tactical substitution in heat nine and got the better of Mark Riss to win but his partner Phillips was at the back meaning no heat advantage to the Scorpions. Heeps was a winner again in heat 10 with Garrity taking second as Covatti nipped up the inside of Campton for third on the second turn of the second lap for a Witches 4-2. Heat 11 was stopped as Nielsen was thrown off the bike on the first turn after bike issues and there was a delay as he was seen to by the paramedics. When the heat got back underway it was down to Worrall with his partner excluded and he produced the goods again to win in a 3-3. Covatti won heat 12 in a 3-2 as both Kemp and Manzares retired, the Witches man having had Garrity’s foot peg stuck in his chain. That left the home side 41-30 up with three to race.

Proctor won heat 13 ahead of Worrall and Heeps went round Campton for third on the second turn of the second lap to seal the win on the night for the Witches. There was still time for Manzares to go through the tapes again in heat 14 and he was replaced by Phillips in the re-run. Campton won the re-run for the away side as the points were shared. Yet again Garrity went through the tapes in heat 15 and was replaced by Phillips. Worrall rounded off a good night for himself with another win in heat 15 as the points were shared leaving the final score 51-38 to the Witches.

Simply Climate Control Rider of the Night 

Coty Garcia was the obvious choice for the meeting sponsors as he racked up 18 points from seven rides.

Key moment

With the Witches never in any serious danger of losing the meeting, there was no real turning point on the night. Witches guest Ty Proctor sealed the three points in heat 13 with an impressive victory as Heeps worked hard to get into third for a 4-2 to the hosts.

Next meeting

The Witches travel to Glasgow on Tuesday 4th September in a Championship fixture.