We are trying to look at Redcar as a turning point and forget everything else because it’s been such a frustrating month again. It’s been more of the same really; certain people performing on some nights and others not and the opposite the next meeting. We just couldn’t seem to perform together and the meeting against Redcar was the first time we have done that all year and we go and get a big win. Ok, it was against one of the lower teams but you can’t say they are too weak as they only lost by four points at Somerset the night before.

Ollie (Greenwood) is settling in ok. He’s struggling with the set-up of his bikes at Ipswich a little bit but that’s understandable as it can be a hard place to come to but I firmly believe he will get it soon and he will be dominant reserve for us at home. What a brilliant signing Ben (Barker) is for us. I think everyone knows he gives 110% every race and he always will. Even at the back he is still racing and he will race to that chequered flag and that’s what fans want to see. They want to see riders winding it on right till the end and I think he will be good for us.

It was really sad to see Lewi (Kerr) go as I get on well with him, as do all the boys to be honest. It’s a numbers game though and unfortunately his scores were too inconsistent and the management have had to do something and unfortunately he was the one to go.

My Grand Prix qualifier in Germany last month was a bit of a farce really. It was certainly a bit wet as you might have seen on Twitter! It probably should have been called off and I think everyone would agree with that but it wasn’t and they got to 12 heats and everyone got three rides. Unfortunately I touched the tapes in my first one, so I only scored in two of my heats but managed to scrape eighth. It was quite disappointing really because I felt I could have qualified if it had carried on.

I’ve got the British Final at Belle Vue this month and I’m looking forward to it. I feel a bit blessed really that I’ve been to Belle Vue already with Coventry and I got some track time there. It’s a brilliant track, absolutely unbelievable. For me, it’s just the British Final, there are no thoughts about a Wildcard spot for the Cardiff GP. I’d rather be British champion than ride at Cardiff, although it would be great to ride at Cardiff, a British title would mean more to me, so I’m concentrating on that.

It’s an important month coming up for us and we need points to start climbing up the table. The team changes make us stronger and I think going away to some of these teams this month I believe we can get something out of them, if not win. There’s a lot of points up for grabs in the next few weeks and its important we take some.

My Polish side Pila are doing alright this season but it’s been frustrating for me because I have not done any meetings for them yet. I went out there on Thursday to show them I’m keen and did some practice and everything was good. Hopefully they’ll give me a chance now but it’s been frustrating because I want to be riding every week.

Everything at home is good but it’s tiring with the little one! I’ve certainly had a lack of sleep but it’s good! It’s awesome having all the family in the pits with me and I’m looking forward to them coming a bit more this season to come and watch me race because my wife is normally so busy at work that she doesn’t get to see me race often so it will be nice to have her with me more.

All the best