Words: Henry Chard

The club are delighted to welcome West Property Management on board in 2018 as partner sponsors alongside RN Euston Ltd.

Based in Colchester and run by brothers Jack and Charlie, Jack explained a little more about the company’s background.

“We are a family business that started trading back in 1959 and it has been an accumulation of multiple businesses,” said Jack. “More recently we have been in the property world and we are commercial property landlords and developers. More recent to that, this West Property Management company is something me and my brother have as a side to our parent company who own all of our properties and we do the property management ourselves and we also do it for other people.”

Jack explained how they got involved with the Witches and says they are excited to be regulars at Foxhall in 2018.

“My dad used to go a lot when he was a kid and he is good friends with Guy Nicholls, so there is a historic family connection there. My brother and I came along with Guy last year and really enjoyed it and we sat down with Guy and Chris (Louis) to get on board for this year. I had been to Foxhall before for banger racing and that sort of thing but that was the first time I had been to speedway meeting and I really enjoyed it.

“I have watched it on TV before and have always been aware that Ipswich has a team, it is a great spectator sport. Ipswich have always had a good following and we are excited to go more often.”

It is the first venture into sponsorship in sport for the company and Jack is hoping it could turn into a long-term relationship that starts with a trophy this season.

“As a family we used to be part of the Ambassadors Club at Ipswich Town Football Club and I still have season tickets there and continue to go but this is our only sponsorship venture at the moment. We will see where it goes and we would like for it to be a long-term thing.

“Chris has done a sterling job getting us on board this year and pushing the club onto bigger things this year and hopefully they can get that trophy that they just missed out on last year.”

Official website: www.westpm.co.uk

Address: Westside House, Westside Centre, London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex, CO3 8PB

Email: info@westpm.co.uk

Phone: 07779880860