Overall April was a disappointing month. We had some good performances home and away against Sheffield and against Peterborough but then home and away against Somerset in the Premier League was just not good enough. I think as a team we’ve probably had four really bad meetings and four decent ones and there’s no consistency yet.

I think everyone is short on confidence really. Looking at the riders and knowing who I’ve got in the team, we’re not in the best of form but that is only temporary as they say and actually our riders are class riders despite the current form. A lot of them are seasoned pro’s and this is only a temporary thing for them. We signed them on their ability and consistent performances so that will turn around I’ve no doubt about that.

I think it would be naive to think that Chris (Louis) and I are not assessing our options about what is going to be best for the team. At the moment with knowing how good our riders can be and their potential, there is enough faith from me to not want to make any changes. I’ve got faith in the boys and they know that and so has Chris, really it is down to them now to turn it around. My support is right behind them and we need to get going this week in the Knockout Cup.

Our boys know each other well but when you go out on track it’s easier when everyone’s riding better. Because it is an individual sport even though we’re in a team, when you’re in a bad bit of form you do have to focus on yourself and you’ve got to get yourself going better. At the moment everyone is trying to focus on their own job a bit and when you get into a bit better form it’s easier to help everyone else a bit, so it’s a catch 22 really. Everyone is getting along well though.

We’re desperate to get past Rye House in the cup and keep ourselves in that competition and then we’ve got to start playing catch up in the league and obviously we’re looking for big performances in all our meetings this month. We’ve got Peterborough away in the League Cup which will be good to get ready for our League visit later this month and I will take the league points over the league cup points for sure.

Nico (Covatti) has good a good week qualifying for the SEC Challenge and the GP qualifying semi-final and he has been class all season. He had a bad week against Somerset where things were going wrong for him but he’s come back from that and had two good results and it’s good to get the experience from those meetings and you can take a lot of confidence from them as he is beating good riders and we will benefit from that.

Danny (King), Lewi (Kerr)and Sarj (James Sarjeant) and all in the British semi-finals this month and will all be looking to progress. Danny finished third last year and will be looking take top spot this year after a couple of rostrums. Sarj is at Glasgow for his semi-final and will be looking to go well at his old track whilst Lewi is at Scunthorpe and he didn’t get the opportunity to be in the final last year due to injury so he will be looking to make his first British final as well.

See you all soon,