By Henry Chard

Ipswich ‘Tru Plant’ Witches asset Cameron Heeps will be back at Foxhall in 2019, joining Danny King and Jake Allen in the new side.

The Australian enjoyed his best season in 2017 as he became a heat leader in the Championship and was snapped up by Somerset in the Premiership. That form saw him earn a full-time spot with Wolves in 2018 but his time in the Midlands was cut short as team changes were made.

The 23-year old is keen to improve on 2018 and says he owes a lot to Chris Louis for the part he has played in his life.

“I didn’t have the best season with Ipswich last season which was disappointing for me but that’s the way it goes,” said Heeps. “We are already looking at making things a lot better than they were last year. We are training hard with Steve at the boxing club that we know and I am looking forward to stepping up next year.

“I came over here and rode with Mildenhall but it was through Chris and he has brought me up and made me who I am today. It’s nice to go to the top level with the club and hopefully we can do some damage in the Premiership.”

Heeps was brought over to the UK by Louis and rode for Mildenhall in 2011 and has been a regular in the Ipswich side since 2012 apart from a year away at Rye House in 2016. 2019 will be his seventh season in Suffolk as the club makes the step up in divisions and the Perth-born rider says being settled at a club is a big help.

“It depends on who you speak to, some riders like a change of scenery each year but I like a bit of loyalty. Chris can see I’m trying my best and sometimes things don’t go to plan. When that loyalty comes into play, it’s a nice feeling to know everyone is behind you and they want the best for you. They don’t like seeing you lose but if they can see you trying then they are with you when the times are tough.”

The three-time Western Australian State champion admits some of the winter changes at the club have come as a surprise but doesn’t feel that too much will change at Foxhall.

“I had a feeling last winter that Ipswich would move up, maybe that was just a few rumours going around and it didn’t happen. I was a little shocked when I saw Buster (Chapman) had taken over but having spoken to Chris I don’t believe that anything will be much different to what it was last year which could be a good thing. It is what it is, Buster wants the best for us and we need to make the most of it.”

Heeps will ride for Edinburgh in the Championship next season and he hopes it will benefit his progression.

“I will be alright there for a season because I seem to go alright when I go there. It should be ideal, it’s a bit of a drive but we will crack on with it and not have any excuses. Hopefully we will come out at the end of the season thinking that was the right thing to do and it should be good.”

The Witches man has returned to his homeland to see his family but will continue to train ahead of the new season.

“I was in Ipswich until 27th December just doing bits and bobs around the place to keep me afloat until I went home. Now I have gone home for a couple of months to defrost and enjoy some sunshine and time with family. The plan is to keep going with the fitness regime that I am on and at the moment it is working good and I am feeling good.”

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