After 30 years of volunteering at the club Margaret Lay has decided to retire from selling Witches winner tickets and Chris Louis paid tribute to the sterling work Margaret has done for the club.

“At the end of a long and successful career it is often very difficult to hang up the race suit or the boots as you often get that ‘just one more season’ feeling!  Well Margaret has had the exact same problem, hanging up the raffle books hasn’t come easy to a wonderful character that has graced the terraces of Foxhall through rain, snow and dust for over 30 years!  Through thick and thin Margaret has stood by the promotional teams here at the club that now includes Dad, Julie and myself.  I know that every single one has been hugely appreciative of the hard work that Margaret has put in to supporting the Supporters Club which is without doubt a lifeline for the club.  Her infectious smile and cheeky wit has become synonymous with a visit to Foxhall for so many people.  We can continue to look forward to seeing that smile, the only difference we can keep our hands in our pockets!  You’re a wonderful lady and I thank you for all you have done to support us over all these years.  Thank you Margaret.”