By Henry Chard

‘Tru Plant’ Witches promoter Chris Louis said that their return to the Premiership has been an enjoyable year as they prepare for the Play-Off final against Swindon.

The 2019 team have the defied the odds to reach the final and he thanked the fans for their loyal support throughout the season.

“It has been enjoyable,” said Louis. “It has been made enjoyable by the team who have been great to work with and the fans. The support we have had has been unwavering and they have trusted in us from the beginning and shown their support in numbers, the whole thing has been fun.

“We had a poor run at an important time and changes had to be made but the fans supported those changes and got us through to the play-offs and now we are in the final. It couldn’t have gone any better, we expected it to be tough. We have not breezed our way here, everything has been a battle but when we have had to battle that is what the lads have done.”

The former world number three revealed that many fans had been in touch following the semi-final victory over Poole to comment on how good the atmosphere was at Foxhall that night.

“I have had many phone calls and they have all had the same message. Obviously, they have congratulated the team on making the final but a lot of it was focused around Saturday night at Foxhall and how something special happened.

“They felt like it was how it used to be, which is something I have heard a lot and how good the atmosphere was, and it was like old school speedway. I guess everyone is a good mood because we were victorious and got the job done and you go home happy. It seemed to conjure up a lot of old emotions that perhaps we don’t see enough of these days. It was a special night.”

Louis says the ‘feel-good factor’ is back in the town with the Witches in the play-off final and Ipswich Town top of the League One table.  

“It is up 100% and what certainly added to the atmosphere on Saturday night was that the football team are doing well. They have gone down a league and I guess you wouldn’t expect the following to be as strong as it is but that is Ipswich and Suffolk people. I think it helped us and we fed of that atmosphere and the lads responded.”

The promoter said that everyone at the club is feeling positive ahead of the final against the Robins.

“Preparations are going the same as for the semi-final. Every conversation with every rider whether it is concerning the meeting directly in front of us or not, you are careful of what you say because you want them to feel nothing but positive and confident. To be honest they already feel that, they have earnt their right to be in the final and fought for it. When something has been that tough you don’t give it up easily.”

The ’Tru Plant’ Witches take on the Swindon Robins in the Premiership Play-Off final with the first leg at Foxhall Stadium on Tuesday 15th October.