KING’S LYNN 45: Robert Lambert © 15+1, Craig Cook 8+3, Thomas Jorgensen 8+1, Simon Lambert 6, Ty Proctor 4+1, Michael Palm Toft 2+1, Lewis Kerr 2+1. Team Manager: Peter Schroeck

IPSWICH 45: Cameron Heeps 17+1, Chris Harris 14+1 (Paid Maximum), Krystian Pieszczek 5+1, Edward Kennett 4, Danny King © 3+1, Aaron Summers (g) 1+1, Richard Lawson 1. Team Manager: Ritchie Hawkins


VENUE: Adrian Flux Arena


Team Meetings Points
Belle Vue 11 23
Ipswich 8 19
Poole 8 15
Peterborough 10 14
Swindon 7 11
Wolverhampton 8 10
King’s Lynn 8 7


The ‘Tru Plant’ Witches claimed a 45-45 draw away at King’s Lynn in the East Anglian derby on Monday night in the Premiership.

The home side started the stronger of the two and built up an eight-point lead going into heat seven. However, the Witches turned the meeting on its head with three 5-1’s in succession to lead. Ipswich stretched their lead to six points but with the aid of a tactical substitution ride, the hosts managed to level things going into the last heat. Chris Harris completed his paid maximum by winning heat 15 to secure the draw as Cameron Heeps ended the night with a score of 17+1.

It was the worst possible start for Danny King in heat one as he touched the tapes and was excluded from the re-run with Heeps replacing him. The home team raced to a 5-1 in the re-run thanks to Robert Lambert and Michael Palm Toft. Heeps won heat two as the points were shared. Ty Proctor made the start for the home side in heat three, but he was passed by Harris and the points were shared leaving the hosts 11-7 up.

Heeps had started the evening well and he won again in heat four in another shared heat. The Stars extended their lead in heat five with another 5-1 thanks to Thomas Jorgensen and Proctor. Heat six was stopped as Palm Toft fell on the second lap and was excluded with partner Lambert at the front. That didn’t bother the King’s Lynn number one though as he won the re-run, meaning the Stars held a 22-14 lead.

Lewis Kerr was the leader in heat seven but both Edward Kennett and Harris flew past the home rider on the second lap and went on to hit the first maximum of the night for the Witches. King fell on the first turn of heat eight but all four were called back for the re-run. The Witches were level after the re-run as Heeps and King raced to another 5-1 for the away side. Heeps replaced Aaron Summers in heat nine and it was stopped as Proctor fell on the opening lap with the Witches on another 5-1 and he was excluded from the re-run as he failed to clear the track. That didn’t matter though as Heeps and Krystian Pieszczek did the business in the re-run for yet another 5-1 that gave the Witches a 29-25 lead.

The away side extended that lead in heat 10 as Harris beat Lambert and Kennett picked up a point on the line for a 4-2 to the Witches. Going six up allowed the home team to use a tactical substitution and Lambert came in for Kerr in heat 11. Lambert duly won and was followed home by Craig Cook for a 5-1 to the Stars. Heeps came in for Summers in heat 12 but it was called back with Proctor warned for moving at the start. Nerves were evident as the second attempt was also called back with Harris this time given a warning. It was worth the wait though as Harris and Heeps raced to a 5-1 to put the away side 39-33 ahead with three to race.

Summers replaced Lawson in heat 13 but it was a 5-1 to the hosts that kept them in the hunt for the win being just two points behind with two to race. Jorgensen won heat 14 ahead of Heeps as Kerr picked up a point to level the scores going into the final heat. Harris produced a fantastic ride in heat 15 to win and complete his paid maximum meaning a 45-45 draw.


A tough one to call as the challenge from the Witches was led in the main by two riders. Harris was at his sublime best as he reeled off a paid maximum from five rides whilst Heeps once again proved to be the key at reserve as he racked up a huge score of 17+1.


The meeting went all the way to heat 15 with the home side favourites to win it on their own track and with their top two riders out in Lambert and Cook. However, Harris had other ideas as he held his nerve to produce a fantastic ride to beat both Stars riders and make sure his side drew on the night.


The Witches take two points for this away draw that consolidates second place in the table. The Stars take a point, but it is not enough to move them off the bottom of the table.


The ‘Tru Plant’ Witches host the King’s Lynn Stars at Foxhall on Thursday 20th June in a Premiership fixture at 7.30pm.


In the Premiership, Swindon thrashed Belle Vue 55-35 at the Abbey whilst Poole beat Wolverhampton 51-39 at Wimborne Road.

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