By Henry Chard

The Ipswich ‘Tru Mix’ Witches are thrilled to announce the first member of their 2024 team with the return of Grand Prix star Jason Doyle for the new season.

The Australian former world champion says he feels part of something special at Ipswich and that it was a no-brainer to sign up for another year at Foxhall.

“Since I first signed at Ipswich, a lot of things and people at the club have been so perfect, I don’t have a bad word to say, everything has gone so easily,” said Doyle. “It was a no-brainer to ask to come back to Ipswich next year.

“I think it is the way we get treated by the team, by Chris (Louis) and the Ipswich team, it is more of a family. You feel like you are part of something special and with how they put the team together, we always have a good bunch of boys and there is never a drama in the pits, and it has been like that the last two seasons and hopefully it can be the same next year.”

The world number eight played a key role in Ipswich winning the Knockout Cup and reaching the Sports Insure Premiership play-off final in 2023 but admits he was not totally satisfied with how things went as he searches for more titles with the club.

“2022 was good, 2023 I don’t think was as good. It was ok but there were a lot of times where I didn’t feel fast enough, so I am going to be working very hard over the next year to get better and master the Ipswich track even more and we need to be lifting some more titles. The main one is still not in the cabinet yet, so hopefully I can stay there until we do get it.”

The 2017 world champion revealed that tiredness took its toll last season and is hoping that a reduced schedule in the new year means he is fresher for meetings.

“I definitely had a sit down and think about the good and the bad last season. Racing in too many leagues played a big part in me being tired and not feeling like I want to be riding. It took the fun out of it sometimes where I had turned up to meetings being that tired where I wasn’t that bothered about racing that night.

“I have knocked Sweden on the head, but I have picked up Denmark which I have allocated only six meetings to throughout the season, so that will give me enough time if I do need to be racing, I can just do those meetings, it isn’t like I am going to be booked in for a whole season in one league. Poland, Denmark and England will be where I am racing and hopefully the points will follow.”

Doyle is briefly heading back to his homeland this winter to ride before attentions turn to 2024.

“I’m going to go back to Australia for nine days to ride in the Australian Speedway Centenary in Brisbane and see family. Then it is straight back to England to spend time with Emily before the start of the season to get ready for another big season.”